Enable, energise & empower your people with real-time recognition & reward

The saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention. This was certainly the case when we started looking around for a cloud-based employee recognition and engagement solution that gets results. When we could not find what we were looking for, we decided to develop it ourselves. To do so, we gathered a think tank […]

Group Incentive Travel makes a comeback

Among the more spectacular disruptions to business created by initial Covid-19 containment measures, was the dead halt of travel. With the stroke of a Presidential pen, planes were grounded, local transportation halted and boarders locked down. Indefinitely The entire industry was left aghast and ramifications for Group Incentive Travel providers will resonate for a long […]

The future of work beyond Covid-19: A review of current trends and tips for success

There is no looking back from the profound changes COVID-19 has wrought on our personal and professional lives over the past year. And the pandemic is not behind us yet. If there are any positive outcomes to this global human tragedy, it has refocused our priorities on the human factors that make businesses successful, tested […]

A strong communication plan is the key to a successful channel incentive program

People get bombarded with communication all day. Message fatigue is a thing and needs to be factored into the communication strategy of any channel incentive program. For your audience to pay attention to your program, you need to give people good reason to participate. Your messages need to be informative, motivating and delivered in a […]

The real ROI of incentivising your channel partners

incentivising your channel partners

Effective and efficient interaction between your company and your channel partners has many benefits for all involved, notably, improved productivity, increased profitability, high engagement and greater loyalty. A channel incentive program is one way to ensure that this relationship remains healthy and thriving. Channel management is complex and incentivising can be a costly exercise, so […]

How legacy technology hinders “customer experience and loyalty”

As many businesses have made a start on the digital transformation journey, there’s increasing market pressure to deliver more sophisticated customer experiences. Legacy technology is hindering this process. In fact, 92% of Chief Information Officers find integrating new communications channels with legacy systems a key challenge to improving customer experience and loyalty initiatives. Understanding the […]

How AI can help you improve customer loyalty

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the leading trends in technology and is quickly gaining traction among marketers. In a study by Teradata, 80% of enterprises reported that their organisations already have some form of AI in production and customer experience is one of the key areas identified for AI investment. And 61% of respondents […]

7 Things to consider before developing a channel partner program

Channel partner programs are a great tool for jump-starting revenue growth. They’re seen as a cost-effective way to reach and acquire more customers and can help you grow beyond your internal sales capabilities. However, for your channel partner program to be successful, you need to do it right. It starts with establishing clear objectives around […]

The top 10 drivers of customer loyalty

Accurately calculating your loyalty program liability is not only critical to your company’s bottom line, but also for measuring loyalty program ROI as a whole. To the average customer, loyalty programs simply mean getting ‘freebies’. Whether it’s points, discounts or added benefits, they’re getting something for free (or at a reduced cost). While it’s free […]