Goodbye brand loyalty. Hello brand love.

How does your brand stand up against the top four drivers of loyalty?

We do more than build loyalty programs, we build relationships.

Customers want more than points. They want real value and personalised connection.

Loyalty research & assessment

Understand your market and drive results.

We gather, analyse and assess relevant data within the context of your market to help you understand your company’s ability to drive results through your current loyalty program, as well as how to improve in the areas that are most important to your customers.


loyalty by design

Increase customer retention, lifetime value, and see greater financial returns.

In designing your new loyalty program, we work with you to map and link every part of your customer experience to actions that drive engagement and get results.

loyalty management services

We provide end-to-end loyalty services, including:


Seamless, multi-partner programs.

We design, implement and operate complex, multi-partner loyalty programs that provide your customers with a flawless offering of rewards, discounts, cashback and value-added benefits.

Happy clients

A full loyalty service suite for full effect.

Program design

Operationalise your program using our proven systems-based framework.

Program audit

Assess your current challenges and identify new opportunities.

Customer experience design

Create a frictionless and personalised customer journey that shifts member behaviour.

Data-based segmentation and modelling

Use data insights and analytics to create relevant offers and experiences for high value customers.

Loyalty technology

Flexible, scalable technology with ready-to-start components for a faster time to market.

Reward with meaning

Reinforce behaviours that drive loyalty using rewards that are personal, meaningful and memorable.

Loyalty’s new goal;

The effortless experience.

Customers rate your brand by their most recent interaction with it. How does your brand stand up against the top four drivers of loyalty?

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