How to forecast loyalty program liability.

forecasting loyalty program liability

Accurately calculating your loyalty program liability is not only critical to your company’s bottom line, but also for measuring loyalty program ROI as a whole. To the average customer, loyalty programs simply mean getting ‘freebies’. Whether it’s points, discounts or added benefits, they’re getting something for free (or at a reduced cost). While it’s free […]

Brand loyalty vs customer loyalty. Here’s why your business needs both.

Brand loyalty vs customer loyalty

While brand loyalty and customer loyalty are related, there is a difference. If your business has come through the pandemic storm of 2020 more or less intact, you may be counting on your loyal customers to return in their numbers and restore your balance sheet to good health. And indeed, you may already be seeing […]

A personalised retail experience is the only way to engage your customers.

Engage your customers through personalised experiences to grow a more loyal customer base, ultimately leading to an increase in sales. In this age of enlightened, empowered consumers, brands have been increasingly challenged to redefine customer-centricity both in terms of what it means and how to demonstrate it with authenticity.   Research has shown that 80% of […]

How to measure customer loyalty.

A loyalty program is an essential tool for keeping your best customers feeling appreciated, satisfied and coming back for more of what your brand offers. And customer retention, as you know, is the name of the game. It’s up to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an […]

Is the future of work here? Take a look at what the 2021 workplace has in store.

What does the future of work look like? Here are a few predictions on what the workplace has in store in 2021 – from continued remote working to digitalisation. In an interview with Forbes, Laurie Ruettimann (author, entrepreneur, and host of the Punk Rock HR podcast) said, “I don’t think we’re surviving a global pandemic […]

7 Customer loyalty trends that are set to make 2021 an interesting one.

After a year of major disruption, here are 7 customer loyalty trends in retail that you can expect in 2021, including changes in loyalty programs. The retail industry has seen significant disruption in 2020, from having to close physical stores during the lockdown to an accelerated shift to digital and adapting to new health and […]

3 Things to know about the post-COVID-19 customer and the new loyalty program landscape

COVID-19 has shaped a new customer experience as well as changed the loyalty program landscape. No aspect of consumer life has been left unchanged in response to managing the pandemic. From reduced shopping hours to product choices, social distancing, mandatory masks and hand sanitising. These are all changes people are willing to make in the […]

7 Ways to incentivise agile high performing teams.

high performing teams

Typically, incentive program strategy is focused on rewarding individual achievements. But with agile team practices on the rise, you need to think about how you can tailor an incentive strategy to reinforce the team-specific behaviours that are the essence of agile methodology. How does rewarding differ in agile teams? The agile team approach emphasises collaboration, […]

How an employee recognition framework can enhance your company culture.

Organisational culture is defined as the values, visions, language, behaviours and beliefs that make up a company’s working environment. And the foundation of a strong company culture is employee recognition.   Employees who feel appreciated and valued are more engaged, satisfied, loyal, and deliver better work. In a word, they’re happy. Studies show that happiness […]

5 Ways to avoid conflict in your sales channel.

ways to avoid conflict

While occasional channel conflict is good, constant conflict is not. Managing channel conflict is critical to building and sustaining a healthy multi-channel sales organisation. While occasional conflict is unavoidable, too much of it could be a sign that you’ve saturated the market. The situation can get nasty fast.   If left unmanaged, channel conflict will hurt […]