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Organisations don’t get results, people do.

Company success depends on people.

We align your people with your strategy and values to drive performance and deliver results.

Our holistic, employee-centric recognition and engagement platform is optimised to do just that.

Influence employee behaviour and benefit your bottom line.

We make conscious engagement happen by working with our academic partners and thought leaders, applying the latest behavioural science to get you the results you need.


Unleash your people’s potential with a custom solution.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. We co-create and custom design solutions using our proprietary systems-based framework.

Make better decisions using the data that matters.

We create insight by applying data science using feedback and performance systems that gather and analyse employee data in real-time and at scale.


We couldn’t find the right technology partner…

So, we created one.

Looking to run your own recognition and engagement program? Our associate company, bountiXP has developed a suite of employee experience applications that come together in a single, powerful recognition and engagement platform.

Reward with meaning.

We offer the widest range of rewards with global reach and service support. Give your people the freedom to choose the rewards they want.

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