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Driving your salesforce towards sales.

A more productive workforce means better performance and ultimately more sales. Our proven salesforce solutions ensure brand loyalty and an increase in your bottom line.

Channel, workforce, customers and consumers, our proven incentive solutions work.



Sales incentives.

Tailored incentive programs designed to engage and motivate your sales team and strengthen sales channel partner relationships. Meet strategic targets, drive sales and achieve measurable results.

Our track record of increasing market share by motivating sellers, is based on behavioural science that is used to identify challenges a seller may face. We’re equipped to leverage research and data-rich insights aimed at driving salespeople to their full potential.

Our sales incentive programs do not follow the one-size-fits-all approach as so many do. Instead in collaboration, we define a strategy that incorporates your business objectives with those of your salespeople.

A combination of insight, thought leadership and engagement tests the viability and usability of the solution and at the centre of this approach is where true results are revealed.

Using a people-centred design approach, which is guided by the 21 principles of design thinking, we put people at the centre of our sales incentive solutions to provide innovative new incentive methodologies.

Based on this, we are able to motivate salespeople to attract new customers; retain your top salespeople and through development and training, we keep them motivated.

We understand that in order to change sales behaviour, the focus should not be on your top salespeople who are more than likely already performing beyond expectation. We use science to shift the behaviour of average performers, the 60-70% of your sales team — your core, which is the best way to achieve optimal performance. In doing so, we increase productivity and sales.





Channel partner solutions.

Making your channel partner work for you – Your channel is your most valuable partner and our channel incentives help drive profitable behaviour.

We provide incentive programs that support your channel partner and drive people to perform beyond expectation.

Our approach to channel incentive program design goes beyond transactional habits and reward formulas. We believe that engagement is a relational process that unfolds, as we create meaningful and motivating experiences with the people selling your products and/or services. We are intent on creating programs that connect with people’s emotions and values, towards building enduring brand relationships.

We use the four-drive motivation model in our channel solutions: the drives to achieve & acquire; bond & belong; comprehend & challenge; and define & defend. This, essentially humanist, model leads to a channel program that ultimately ‘reaps’ the benefits of retention, engagement, alignment and performance.

With the four-drive theory as the foundation, we deliver experiences that are meaningful, motivating and memorable – and that advance organisations by leveraging the full potential of the people we touch.

As established practitioners of people-centred design, we seek to create new value for our clients – to activate behaviour change towards sustainable organisational profitability.

Our holistic approach takes inspiration from real people; works within current market and technological frameworks and considers every touch-point as an opportunity to deliver benefits.

We’re able to create a clear roadmap for the delivery of a concept, which outlines all the critical components of a successful solution. This is achieved by applying our expertise in behavioural science while using design thinking practices and methodologies combined with the people-centered design approach.

When designing incentive solutions, many companies overlook key areas of implementation. Our systems-based framework is a blueprint for success.

To maximise engagement, we work through each sub-system of our framework to achieve customised and co-created solutions.

To maximise engagement, we work through each sub-system of our framework to achieve customised and co-created solutions.

Creative solutions

Our fully integrated, in-house design agency offers end-to-end marketing services. From forward-thinking strategy to integrated print and digital campaigns.

Web design

Immersive, web-based experiences that maximise engagement with your program.

Digital campaigns

Integrated across multiple platforms, our campaigns are geared for the results you need.

Mobile solutions

Unique, accessible mobi-solutions with the ability to run once-off promotions to meet specific objectives.


Brand stories that invite involvement and that build and engage your community.


Merchandise, gifts, or clothing to ensure your brand is seen in the right places.


From event planning, invitations, and registrations, to event branding and collateral.


From training to launches, our team puts your brand centre stage as the star of the show.

Social media

Take your program to new levels using social media. Monitor, track, and engage participant behaviour.



Program support.

You’re in good hands – Our team of program management experts understand people and exceptional client service.

Each of our programs is in the care of an Account Director and Campaign Manager whose roles are to manage expectations and ensure your satisfaction.

Responsible for maintaining the primary strategic relationship and closely supports the program team through launch to ensure that the design of your program is properly implemented. Your dedicated account director will monitor your program performance and recommend design changes and innovations where necessary.

Assumes responsibility of the program from the get-go and is responsible for the creation and the production of your selected solution. Your professional campaign manager ensures quality of outputs/results which meet your business needs while monitoring the program budget, performance and day-to-day administration.

Sets up the program administration systems and manages the participant interface to provide reporting. Our administrators do all the admin so that you don’t have to, which includes managing all delivery and administrative schedules.

Our in-house call centre, which has a non-scripted approach to service delivery, ensures a high standard of program support.

We have offered contact centre services since 1980 as the back end platform to more than 1000 successful incentive and promotional campaigns for some of South Africa’s top 100 companies. We strive to continuously enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of our best practice standards.

High performance app

The best part about earning is the ability to spend.

The awardsapp® is a redemption app that allows participants to instantly redeem their points for desirable rewards.


Reward Strategy - Make a real impact with rewards that work

The psychology behind the science of reward and motivation proves that when trying to motivate desired behaviours, outcomes and results, memorable experiences such as travel and events make for much better rewards.

We specialise in memorable rewards.

Success stories.

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