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The saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention.

This was certainly the case when we started looking around for a cloud-based employee recognition and engagement solution that gets results.

When we could not find what we were looking for, we decided to develop it ourselves.

To do so, we gathered a think tank of academic partners and industry practitioners to provide deep insight and advice to inform the design principles and steer the platform’s development towards positive behavioural change.

Their insights were put into practice by a highly skilled team of data architects and scientists, full stack developers, UI/UX designers and content creators, led by managing director, Dane Amyot.

The result was bountiXP – our holistic, employee-centric recognition and engagement platform that has been optimised to align your people with your strategy and values to drive performance and deliver results.

At AAG, we understand that when people are enabled, energised and empowered by technology, great things happen – innovation, cooperation, collaboration. To this end, bountiXP has been developed to focus employees’ productivity by linking their actions to organisational goals and values in real time.

In order to do so, the platform brings together the various components of the employee experience into a single, powerful recognition and engagement platform that leverages 7 distinct, yet interconnected, applications seamlessly merged into one user-friendly system. This includes:

1. Dual-purpose recognition

bountiXP promotes the practice of day-to-day, social recognition and more formal, performance-based recognition. By combining the power of goal-based and values-based recognition, the platform aligns strategy and culture for improved performance.

2. Ongoing communication and engagement

The platform includes a full communication stack to ensure that the right message reaches the right people at the right time. This includes a company newsfeed, page builder, interactive profiles, personal dashboards and more.

3. Survey-driven insights and feedback

To provide employers with actionable insights and employee feedback, bountiXP features the ability to send pulse surveys that can be pre-scheduled or created spontaneously using pre-set templates or fully customised questionnaires.

4. Integrated online learning and assessment

A truly unique feature of bountiXP is its integrated online learning functionality. This plug-in enables the delivery of training directly to users via the platform’s learning centre.

5. Rewarding with choice

The platform hosts a comprehensive range of employee-centric rewards that reinforce behaviours that drive organisational success with meaningful, memorable and personalised intent. This includes digital vouchers, an awardscard® supported by Mastercard®, experience- and travel rewards, and more.

6. Measuring success

Drawing on hundreds of individual user data points, bountiXP generates easy-to-interpret people analytics and talent data, displayed in dashboard visualisations that help to enhance program effectiveness. These value-adding insights are available in real-time, 24/7.

7. The gamified experience

Once the reward program’s core metrics have been entrenched, the resultant performance and behavioural insights can be used to gamify the program for deeper engagement using immersive motivational tools like nudges, performance triggers and feedback loops.


Best of all? bountiXP can be scaled to suit any client’s needs and budget. Get in touch today to find out more, or click here to sign up for a FREE trial.

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