A strong communication plan is the key to a successful channel incentive program

People get bombarded with communication all day. Message fatigue is a thing and needs to be factored into the communication strategy of any channel incentive program. For your audience to pay attention to your program, you need to give people good reason to participate. Your messages need to be informative, motivating and delivered in a […]

The real ROI of incentivising your channel partners

incentivising your channel partners

Effective and efficient interaction between your company and your channel partners has many benefits for all involved, notably, improved productivity, increased profitability, high engagement and greater loyalty. A channel incentive program is one way to ensure that this relationship remains healthy and thriving. Channel management is complex and incentivising can be a costly exercise, so […]

7 Things to consider before developing a channel partner program

Channel partner programs are a great tool for jump-starting revenue growth. They’re seen as a cost-effective way to reach and acquire more customers and can help you grow beyond your internal sales capabilities. However, for your channel partner program to be successful, you need to do it right. It starts with establishing clear objectives around […]

Improving distributor loyalty and growing market share.

Building loyalty in a local distribution channel. A high-profile international consumer goods company wanted to build loyalty in its local  distribution channel and capture a much larger share of the domestic appliance market. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Retaining top talent through tough times.

Solving high staff turnover during tough times. When motor vehicle sales went into a steep decline, many sales executives responded by job-hopping, increasing the costs associated with a high staff turnover and leaving the company with a shortage of experienced staff. Our client needed to maintain a competitive edge by attracting – and retaining – […]

Channel incentive boosts sales, builds businesses.

Channel incentive boosts sales, builds small businesses The spirit of corporate social investment, combined with a business focused incentive, helped a multi-national supplier make a meaningful connection with their on-consumption outlet customers. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Making sales everybody’s business.

Achieving an impressive accumulated return on investment of 178%. When this leading South African integrated communications operator needed to counter growing competition, they rallied the sales might of 33 000 employees to help increase sales revenue, strengthen customer loyalty and reinforce market leadership. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Achieving 13.5% YOY growth for a consumer electronics brand.

Achieving 13.5% YOY growth for a consumer electronics brand. By applying human-centred design methods to classic channel sales challenges, we helped a major consumer electronics brand strengthen channel relationships and grow sales in a depressed retail market. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

7 Ways to incentivise agile high performing teams.

high performing teams

Typically, incentive program strategy is focused on rewarding individual achievements. But with agile team practices on the rise, you need to think about how you can tailor an incentive strategy to reinforce the team-specific behaviours that are the essence of agile methodology. How does rewarding differ in agile teams? The agile team approach emphasises collaboration, […]