Sales incentive grows new vehicle finance 34% over 1 year

Growing new vehicle finance by 34%. Vehicle financing is a competitive game and our client, one of the world’s premiere motor brands, offers several attractive solutions. A channel sales incentive gave consultants the knowledge, confidence and motivation to drive market penetration across the board.  DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

5 Ways to avoid conflict in your sales channel.

ways to avoid conflict

While occasional channel conflict is good, constant conflict is not. Managing channel conflict is critical to building and sustaining a healthy multi-channel sales organisation. While occasional conflict is unavoidable, too much of it could be a sign that you’ve saturated the market. The situation can get nasty fast.   If left unmanaged, channel conflict will hurt […]

3 Tried and tested strategies to improve sales growth across your manufacturing channels.

Manufacturers are under pressure to improve productivity and meet ever-increasing demands for innovation. But, before you can start producing more, you need first to be selling more. Here are three tried and tested methods for using new technology and open communication to  help increase manufacturing channel sales. 1. Focus on existing customers Strengthening relationships with […]

Here’s how an incentive program can help pharma manufacturers exceed their sales targets.

In the pharma industry, products rise and fall for various reasons. Central to a new product’s commercial success, however, is the sales reps and their motivation to sell. Motivation is the key to any successful people management role, particularly in sales. Motivated workers perform better, leading to increased sales and profits for the company. Incentive […]

5 Keys to a winning sales incentive plan.

Incorporating a sales incentive plan is one of the best ways to motivate your sales team. Sales directors are always looking for ways to motivate their sales team. Incorporating a sales incentive plan is one of the most typical forms of increasing motivation levels and improving sales. There’s a reason why 90% of top-performing companies […]