Retaining top talent through tough times.

Solving high staff turnover during tough times. When motor vehicle sales went into a steep decline, many sales executives responded by job-hopping, increasing the costs associated with a high staff turnover and leaving the company with a shortage of experienced staff. Our client needed to maintain a competitive edge by attracting – and retaining – […]

New life for a long-term program.

Healthcare workers reconnect to company values & the spirit of recognition. A major private healthcare group needed to revitalise its long-running recognition and reward program. A simplified structure and back-to-basics approach reconnected employees to company values and revived the spirit of recognition. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Recognition adds value and achieves extraordinary results

Recognition adds value and achieves extraordinary results. When this major financial services organisation wanted to strengthen its employee value proposition, adding another incentive program wasn’t the answer. The solution was a recognition program that generated phenomenal participation and results. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Is the future of work here? Take a look at what the 2021 workplace has in store.

What does the future of work look like? Here are a few predictions on what the workplace has in store in 2021 – from continued remote working to digitalisation. In an interview with Forbes, Laurie Ruettimann (author, entrepreneur, and host of the Punk Rock HR podcast) said, “I don’t think we’re surviving a global pandemic […]

How an employee recognition framework can enhance your company culture.

Organisational culture is defined as the values, visions, language, behaviours and beliefs that make up a company’s working environment. And the foundation of a strong company culture is employee recognition.   Employees who feel appreciated and valued are more engaged, satisfied, loyal, and deliver better work. In a word, they’re happy. Studies show that happiness […]

8 Ways your business can increase employee productivity.

Looking at the stats, South Africa has a major productivity problem. So how can your business increase employee productivity? South Africa’s employee productivity has dropped by 4.40% year-on-year as of June 2020, compared to a drop of 0.48% in the previous quarter.  The pandemic driven disruption to workplace structures and processes accounts for some of […]