Looking for a secure and flexible way to reward? Meet awardscard®

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awardscard®: Multiple applications, many benefits

Whether physical or virtual, pre-paid or reloadable, our awardscard® offering, backed by Mastercard, serves an integral part of your reward strategy.

Going contactless?
Go with the virtual awardscard®

Give your program members access to the online world of shopping using our secure, pre-paid or reloadable virtual debit card backed by Mastercard.

Cost effective

No print, production or delivery costs. Also, less plastic in the world.

Incredible access

Cards are accepted at any e-commerce site, worldwide.

Simple to use

Simply enter payment details at the e-commerce site’s check-out.

unmatched accessibility

Reward spend enabled everywhere.

With our secure, virtual, pre-paid or reloadable Mastercard debit card, your employees, channel partners and customers can access sports and entertainment booking sites, and pay for goods at informal trading venues using mobile payment apps.

we care about security

Safe spending guaranteed.

Our physical pre-paid or reloadable Mastercard debit card comes with a host of self-managed security features;

Physical cards with unique designs

Choose from our range of high-end designs or have your card custom designed using your brand identity.

Happy Clients

Swipe right with awardscard®

Boost your program’s loyalty using awardscard®