What We Do

When analysing a business, you can easily overlook the most important resource at hand: the people it comprises, and the individuals who do business with it.

At Achievement Awards Group, our solutions span every type of human engagement – from workforce motivation and sales, to loyalty and channel incentive programs. Through our detailed, scientific approach, we’re able to create tailor-made solutions that enrich and grow your business.

We are the Business Whisperers.

Our expertise in holistic human engagement spans some 35 years. Always up to date with the latest thinking in motivation, our approach is modelled around the work of Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. They, together with Harvard Business School, have developed a compelling theory on the biological drivers of human behaviour drawn from scientific experiments in neuroscience, psychology, sociology and anthropology.

This theory suggests that people are imbued with four biological drives:

The drive to acquire: compete for and control resources and experiences essential to security and well-being.

The drive to bond: form long-term, mutually caring relationships with others; to engage and cooperate; build communities and be empathetic and altruistic.

The drive to create: learn and comprehend one’s self and environment. Then, to go beyond and imagine, invent and co-create a better world.

The drive to defend: to protect one’s territory, possessions, status, relationships and creations.

So, while we provide solutions that motivate, engage and reward, we never forget who we are providing these solutions for: People. People who are both rational and emotional, individual and social, and motivated by both tangible and intangible rewards. This ‘whole person’ approach to human performance solution design is what we do. Best.