Sprint Incentive Program

Boost short-term tactical sales with a Sprint Incentive Program. Quick to market. Set targets, create focus, ignite sales. Move product fast. Achieve positive results.

A Sprint Incentive Program from Achievement Awards Group is an innovative short-term tactical sales incentive designed to move product faster, clear old stock, increase seasonal sales and re-ignite sales passion. Generate a surge of sales activity from your own sales team or your sales channel.

It can be designed and launched in just a few weeks. Programs typically run three to six months. Momentum is driven through frequent, targeted communications to ensure positive results. Creative rewards and a wide range of winners generate excitement and engagement.

How a Sprint Incentive Program Works

Harness the power of your sales team or channels to deliver a tactical sales push with fast results. A snap-shot of program features includes the following:

  • Quick to market, with setup completed in just a few weeks.
  • Focused on specific sales targets that need immediate drive.
  • Boost the attention of your sales channel for competitive advantage.
  • Segment your target audience for maximum cost benefit.
  • Increase the winner’s circle for optimum motivational impact.
  • Spectacular range of rewards include:
    • Online Catalogue of Awards with over 10 000 merchandise, travel and experience rewards;
    • AwardsCard™ incentive gift card for personal shopping at 200 000 MasterCard™ accredited retailers in South Africa;
    • Speedy door-to-door delivery.

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Benefits To You:
  • Improve understanding of your sales challenges, environment and people;
  • Customised solutions designed to meet your specific needs and performance goals;
  • Creation of a measurement system to outline behaviours, outcomes and results;
  • Risk-free rewards budget is defined to link costs to sales;
  • Program launch to drive enthusiasm and participation;
  • Regular, targeted communications delivered to inform, educate and motivate;
  • Customised reward offering for motivational appeal and full impact;
  • Regular reporting and feedback to keep program on track;
  • Process underpinned by powerful IT systems.
Sprint Incentive Program

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