Sales Incentive Own Staff Program

A best in class, tailor-made sales incentive to engage, motivate and reward. Build a high-performance sales team and achieve results.

Your sales team works hard to bring your company new business through a range of sales tactics – and their inspiration and motivation has a direct effect on your results. Recognise their talent and help them perform at a higher level with a Sales Incentive Own Staff Program from Achievement Awards Group – grounded in principles proven to deliver results.

Improved sales performance means increased sales for your company, and satisfaction for your sales staff. Armed with all the tools and guidance they need to improve their sales skills, along with enticing rewards that motivate them to be their best, your sales team will be empowered to meet their targets on time, every time.

How a Sales Incentive Program Helps Your Business

Connect your sales team to your sales plan, as you set targets, engage interest, motivate performance and reward success.

A best in class sales incentive combines measurements and analysis for ambitious targets, along with realistic benchmarks to ensure that your programs get results. The program should be tightly structured to create clear goals, as you motivate your star performers to achieve targets.

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Benefits To You:
  • Increase sales and productivity;
  • Attract new customers and retain existing customers, while improving conversion;
  • Increase market share through cross-selling and up-selling;
  • Successfully launch new products and move old stock;
  • Develop a skilled, knowledgeable sales team.
Retaining top talent through tough times – Motor Industry

When motor vehicle sales went into a steep decline, many sales executives responded by job-hopping, increasing the costs associated with a high staff turnover and leaving the company with a shortage o experienced staff. Our client needed to maintain a competitive edge by attracting – and retaining – highperforming sales executives.

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Growing market share & driving profits – Motor Industry

An international heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer wanted to increase market share and achieve higher profit margins, while moving aged stock across three divisions.

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Sales Incentive Own Staff Program

A best-in-class, tailor-made sales incentive to engage, motivate and reward. Build a high-performance sales team and achieve results.

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