Channel Loyalty Program

Build loyal sales partner relationships with a Channel Loyalty Program that blends best practice loyalty and incentive methods. Segment partners, tailor rewards, target communications. Make sustainable connections.

A Channel Loyalty Program from Achievement Awards Group is a powerful way to develop loyal, lasting relationships with dealers, resellers and retail partners. Combining best practice loyalty methodology with strategic incentive program design, this solution offers proactive channel relationship management.

Using a tailored segmentation strategy, incentives are personalised, communications are targeted and investment on partners is focused. Retain your loyal partners, engage and motivate underperforming channels, and forge mutually beneficial relationships for long-term loyalty. With over 30 years’ experience designing and executing loyalty programs, we help you secure a competitive market edge.

How a Channel Loyalty Program Works
  • We help you to proactively manage your sales channel relationships to improve brand awareness, foster long-term commitment, develop brand advocates and win true loyalty.
  • A Channel Loyalty Program is proven to have far more long-term value than tactical, quick-hit initiatives.
  • Segmenting channel partners according to current and longstanding relationship value informs program design, ensuring an accurate basis for investment decisions.
  • Multi-dimensional reward strategy is created through participant research, and includes a full range of rewards to motivate key channels.
  • Targeted communications support each level of the loyalty relationship lifespan, from awareness to brand alignment and advocacy.
  • This results in engagement that is both strategic and cost-effective.

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Benefits To You:
  • Understanding and analysis of your sales goals;
  • Identification and segmentation of channel sales partners according to lifetime value;
  • Segmented marketing and communications strategy is defined;
  • Sales partner lifecycle is mapped, while touch-point opportunities are identified;
  • Meaningful rewards ranging from merchandise to travel, high-end privilege awards, professional perks and the AwardsCard™ incentive gift card;
  • Design and launch of program;
  • Progress and participation monitored consistently;
  • Progress reports and regular feedback delivered throughout the process;
  • Program can be adjusted as required;
  • IT systems developed to support programs of various sizes and distribution logistics;
  • Full campaign support services, from a fully staffed contact centre to warehouse and fulfilment services.
Channel Loyalty Program

Build loyal sales partner relationships. Blend best practice loyalty and incentive methods. Segment partners, tailor rewards, target communications. Make sustainable connections.

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