Channel Incentive Program

Motivate channel sales partners to be as passionate about your product as you are. Engage, motivate and reward the people who support your results through a channel incentive program.

In the highly competitive and often challenging area of sales and marketing, an effective Channel Incentive Program motivates your channel partners to meet their targets and help your business grow.

How a Channel Incentive Helps Your Business

A Channel Incentive Program ensures that your dealers, resellers and retail partners are as passionate about your product as you are. This program also helps forge the mutually profitable relationships that promote long-term loyalty and ultimately ensure a competitive edge in the market.

An Achievement Awards Group Channel Incentive Program helps you to secure market share, launch new products, drive run outs of aged stock and reduce cost of sales. Raise your profile with the people you need to drive your product sales, support your long-term and short-term sales goals and achieve the results you need.

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Benefits To You:
  • Incentivise all sales partners to switch-sell to your brand and up-sell your product;
  • Give momentum to new product launches;
  • Drive sales when you need to move older stock;
  • Drive short-term sales and get quick results with a sales ‘Sprint’;
  • Provides intelligent and accurate sell-out data;
  • Aligns with long-term strategic or short-term tactical goals.
  • A dedicated campaign management team;
  • Regular feedback on program performance to ensure that you get solid return on your investment;
  • Targeted, relevant communications to drive results;
  • Online and telephonic customer support for reward or program queries;
  • Fast, efficient fulfilment.
A wake-up call for a lethargic market – Telecommunications Industry

One of South Africa’s leading internet and email service providers was aiming for an ambitious increase in average monthly sales.

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Making sales everybody’s business – Telecommunications Industry

When this leading South African integrated communications operator needed to counter growing competition, they rallied the sales might of 33 000 employees to help increase sales revenue, strengthen customer loyalty and reinforce market leadership.

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Shooting sales and market share upwards in an ultra-competitive industry – Telecommunications Industry

In a very competitive market, our brief was to drive market share growth across the client’s channels of distribution nationally – achieving fast, short-term sales increase and driving long-term brand loyalty.

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Diagnosing and treating the obstacles to high performance – Finance Industry

A prominent  nancial services provider in the motor industry found that its sales turnover was lower than desired and market share was not growing as it should, yet the obstacles to high performance were not clear.

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Improving distributor loyalty and growing market share – Retail Industry

A high-profile international consumer goods company wanted to build loyalty in its local distribution channel and capture a much larger share of the domestic appliance market.

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Sprinting seasonal sales to a new high – Beverage Industry

During the build-up to the festive season, a leading beverage producer needed an intense sales drive in its channel of distribution. The brief was to drive 7 brands through 2 100 participating outlets and increase purchases by 8%.

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Driving safety & profits on the long road – Transport Industry

A leading transport company was concerned about shrinking returns and escalating incident claims from truck drivers – which drastically reduced profitability on long-distance services.

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Turning national success to international greatness – Motor Industry

A global supplier of commercial vehicles and services had positioned itself as a superior manufacturer and marketer. Meeting the transport and motoring needs of African and other emerging markets, it was primed to take its sales and customer service to a truly competitive level.

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Pushing commercial vehicle dealership sales performance beyond the limits

To keep one step ahead in a fiercely competitive market, this high-end vehicle manufacturer needed to get more – and better – dealership sales performance and finance penetration. An extreme sales incentive makeover refreshed engagement, widened participation and pushed performance to new limits.

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Channel Incentive Program

A channel incentive helps you motivate your dealers, resellers and retail partners to be as passionate about your product as you are. Fundamentally, it helps to forge the mutually beneficial relationships that promote long-term loyalty, which ultimately gives you a competitive edge, securing more market share.

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