Leverage the psychological appeal of games and the power of data analytics to enhance the way people interact with your business. Engage, motivate and change the behaviour of employees, partners and customers.

Gamification is about using data to move behaviour. It’s the integration of game design elements into non-game or real-life activities – both physical and digital. In a business context, this means employing the proven engagement principles and mechanics of effective game design to your business systems and processes.

Gamification appeals to our intrinsic human desires for personal achievement, social status, self-expression, community, closure and competition. Typically, gamification aims to create a game-like experience that drives player-like engagement by participants within a given business program.

How Gamification Works

Ideally, gamification integrates as non-disruptively as possible with core business activities and processes. It works to stimulate user interest, enhance engagement and shape behaviour. You can gamify your website, customer relationship management system, contact centre system, learning platform or any physical task that involves people and processes.

The integration process is driven by tight info-loops, and begins and ends with constant data analysis.

  • Research and Analysis – We commit to deep research (qualitative and quantitative) and define the specific behaviours and performance goals that need to be addressed, segment participants and establish performance metrics. Analysis informs gamification design.
  • Design – Gamification elements (dynamics, mechanics, components) are selected and combined to elicit defined behaviour and drive ongoing engagement with the business task.
  • Implementation – Design is executed using various technical and creative assets to implement the system effectively.
  • Monitoring – Behavioural data and associated analytics are closely monitored so the system can be seamlessly and immediately adjusted for optimal performance.

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Benefits To You:
  • Gamification drives engagement and motivates action across numerous business areas:
    • Strengthens sales performance
    • Increases employee engagement
    • Improves operational efficiency
    • Builds online customer relationships
    • Speeds-up onboarding
  • Tight-information loops let you leverage data:
    • Fine tune marketing
    • Monitor and measure performance dynamically
    • Gain customer and employee insights
    • Motivate on-going performance


Integrate game design elements into business systems and processes. Leverage game psychology and user data to shape behaviour and motivate action. Engage employees, partners and customers.

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White Papers

What is Gamification? Around the world, people spend 3 billion hours a week playing computer and video games. Call it infatuation, obsession, or addiction, but what game designers have clearly got right is a formula for passionate engagement. Businesses have taken note.

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