Totally mobile rewards program management. The awardsapp is a high tech, low-cost way to engage and reward your employees, channel and customers.

Get full rewards program management and payment functionality in a single mobile app. The awardsapp lets you combine must-have mobile technology with classic incentive strategy to create high-touch engagement with your reward program participants. The awardsapp modules can be customised for incentives, recognition, loyalty, or any rewards-based program. It’s a great mobile dashboard in gamified campaigns and an easy way to enhance your existing fulfilment product with new functionality. The awardsapp is virtual, versatile and the most comprehensive interactive channel available.

How The awardsapp Works

The awardsapp is a single channel solution for rewards program management and fulfilment. Administrative modules include My Account, Transaction History and all the other self-service functions you would expect to find on your program website. Virtual payment modules include an e-wallet, virtualcard, airtime and more. All provide safe, secure, mobile reward redemption.

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Benefits To You:
  • Virtual transactions and fulfilment means no card or courier costs
  • Program communications via free direct messaging eliminates SMS charges
  • Self-service features reduce contact centre support costs
  • Free app download and instant updates (data costs apply)
  • Standard modules and designs pre-built and ready to go
  • Customised modules and branding available
  • Analogue (USSD) version available for wider audience appeal
  • Integration with personal mobile lifestyle boosts engagement
  • High brand visibility reinforces brand / rewards connection
  • One-stop shop for app development, design and all program elements
  • IT capabilities developed over 35 years ensures efficient, reliable delivery.

High tech, low-cost rewards program management. The awardsapp is a mobile app for engaging and rewarding your employees, channel and customers.

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