Proprietary Loyalty

A Proprietary Loyalty program opens dialogue, develops relationships, recognises and rewards. Attract and retain high value customers. Create brand ambassadors. Build market share.

A Proprietary Loyalty program from Achievement Awards Group provides a stand-alone initiative that enables you to proactively manage and develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your valued customers. As the sole program owner, you have full control over your data and insights. Define the value proposition, reward your customers with your program currency and establish exclusive customer relationships. Program strategy is designed through in-depth market research, multi-dimensional customer segmentation, business case evaluation and risk analysis.

From design to execution, your loyalty program is supported by expert research and analytics, a dedicated campaign management team, targeted customer communications, online and telephonic customer support, detailed on-going analysis and reporting. We have the expertise and loyalty software platform to custom design, build, operate and manage every aspect of your program. Working with you to develop a program based on international best practice, our extensive experience across loyalty initiatives, consumer incentives and sales promotions ensures the best results.

How Our Proprietary Loyalty Program Helps Your Business

A Proprietary Loyalty program helps you acquire new customers, increase spend of existing customers and retain high value customers. Key highlights of our Proprietary Loyalty solution include the following:

  • A powerful data analytic strategy allows you to track and analyse, identify and differentiate relevant customer offers.
  • Program supported by a solid technology platform, and backed by a system that provides a broad range of awards and campaign management tools.
  • Precisely define relevant customer segments to track purchase behaviour, demographics, lifestyles and attitudes.
  • Better understand and identify the customer segments that will drive the bulk of your business.
  • Create marketing efficiencies by customising offers to individual customer segments.

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Benefits To You:
  • Campaign support services include fully staffed contact centre, warehouse and fulfilment services;
  • IT systems designed to support programs of any size or geographical distribution;
  • Define your program objectives – business, loyalty and customer behaviour;
  • Define your customer behaviour targets – Shopper Insight, Customer Segmentation, Promotional Analysis;
  • Identify internal or external barriers that prevent delivering your brand promise;
  • Conduct a financial feasibility study to determine if goals are achievable;
  • Analyse your brand and understand your market;
  • Segment your customer base – transactions, demographics, psychographics;
  • Develop your value proposition – meet rational and emotional needs with hard and soft benefits;
  • Allocate your resources efficiently.
Proprietary Loyalty

Attract and retain high value customers. A Proprietary Loyalty Program opens dialogue, develops relationships, recognises and rewards. Create brand ambassadors. Build market share.

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