Loyalty Customer Analytics

Robust customer loyalty software platform supports sophisticated customer data analysis. Use insights to build loyal relationships, increase yield, guide decisions and improve profits.

Loyalty Customer Analytics from Achievement Awards Group allows you to tap into the rich resource of your loyalty program data. Our analysts examine transactional, demographic and psychographic information to create a multi-dimensional outlook of your customer base. Looking beyond the narrow metric of basket value, we enable you to identify your loyal customers, respond to their needs, win their long-term loyalty and increase their long-term spend.

Our state-of-the-art loyalty software platform facilitates deep analytics. Through this data, you will be able to pro-actively manage relationships, differentiate your brand in the market and ensure retail decisions that have a broader impact on gross profits. We have the experience and expertise to support large-scale, complex programs.

How Loyalty Customer Analytics Helps Your Business

Our Loyalty Customer Analytics platform provides a start-to-finish design, management and execution solution backed by a proven track record in enterprise level loyalty and incentive programs. Key components of our Loyalty Customer Analytics include the following:

  • Capture customer information and build profiles
  • Track customer behaviour
  • Manage points and redemptions
  • Communicate 1-to-1 at all touch points
  • Evaluate ROI and program performance
  • Analyse data and discover new trends

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Benefits To You:
  • Reduce price competition practices;
  • Increase customer retention;
  • Open new revenue streams;
  • Focus marketing resources on maintaining high-value relationships;
  • Decrease marketing costs through targeted analysis and strategies;
  • Segment customers to initiate personalised, relevant dialogue and respond to unique needs and expectations of each category;
  • Immediate, accurate purchase data enables improved inventory management and turnover:
    • Price
    • Positioning
    • Range of merchandise
    • New product launch
Loyalty Customer Analytics

Robust loyalty software platform that supports sophisticated customer data analysis. Use insights to build loyal relationships, increase yield, guide decisions, and improve profits.

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