eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey

Measure results and feedback with the eValue© strategic organisational survey – helping you get productive feedback from your employees, customers, distributors and other stakeholders, simply and quickly.

While traditional surveys often give you only the most basic results, the eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey gives you in-depth information in a quick, user-friendly way. By aligning your strategies with the factors critical to their success, eValue© allows you to objectively track the data that is most important to your business. Identify areas for improvement and get the feedback you need to maximise your strategies – all from an accessible survey that requires no technical know-how.

Achievement Awards Group offers a range of survey tools, from customised templates through to survey setup, survey content, management, reporting, monitoring, presentation and recommendations. With the help of our team of performance management consultants, business executives, statisticians, IT system developers and research analysts, we will help you gain instant insights into your business operations.

How an eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey Helps Your Business

Whether you are following up on a new product, or conducting a thorough company feedback drive to find out if your clients are happy, the eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey offers the widest range of benefits and features to help you easily track results.

Take the first steps to organisational improvement with the help of powerful strategic organisational survey tools from Achievement Awards Group.

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Benefits To You:
  • Instant, real-time results;
  • Effective action planning and less spending;
  • Informed and timely management of data;
  • Optimisation of resources;
  • Easy-to-use, yet detailed reporting;
  • Simple and effective alignment of your strategic objectives;
  • Analysis of your own categories and demographic filters;
  • Online accessibility;
  • Individual survey statements and comments;
  • Track ongoing progress with target/benchmark scores;
  • Compare results across demographic areas and previous surveys;
  • Statistical inferential and key driver analysis;
  • Improved buy-in from senior management for the survey process;
  • Collaboration and involvement amongst management and survey takers;
  • Flexible analysis across user-defined demographics.
Success through valuable fast feedback – Motor Industry

A major vehicle manufacturer depended heavily on detailed feedback from retailers as a performance barometer. Traditional manual surveys involved a laborious process and high costs – and feedback could only be processed months later; too late to rectify urgent problems.

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Driving compliance through the channel – Motor Industry

A leading motor vehicle manufacturer needed to improve dealership compliance with its strict code of standards. The solution was an online strategic survey tool that would promote awareness, measure results and monitor performance on an ongoing basis.

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Doing what it takes to deliver world-class service – Motor Industry

A leading motor vehicle manufacturer needed a simple, effective way to measure dealer satisfaction across its Southern African dealership network. Profits depended on delivering world-class service. Our eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey helped them deliver.

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Finding the source of employee Engagement

Faced with rising competition, Africa’s largest food, general merchandise and clothing retailer needed to sharpen up delivery of its premium brand promise and revitalise staff engagement and productivity. The solution would start with input from a nationwide employee engagement survey.

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eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey

Instant feedback on strategic performance. Customised online survey provides real-time, multi-perspective management information. Identify obstacles, take corrective action, monitor results, drive performance.

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