Contact Centre

Range of customer contact centre services backed by latest technology, linked warehouse and fulfilment systems and detailed reporting. Selective staffing. Flexible capacity.

Give your customers the highest level of service they require through comprehensive contact centre services from Achievement Awards Group. We handle each and every aspect of your contact centre needs; from complaints handling to telemarketing, lead management, surveys and more. Through highly skilled, experienced and trained customer contact agents, we ensure a high level of service standards for inbound and outbound campaigns.

We also offer automated, customised call management systems. Full technical and reporting services are provided for seamless integration; including systems analysis, design and development, real-time customisable reporting and access to our warehouse and fulfilment systems. As the leader in human performance improvement, we have the expertise and experience to provide full support and management for a highly efficient contact centre.

How Contact Centre Services Work

Our one-stop comprehensive management solution enables us to work with you to develop campaigns based on financial impacts and benefits. As a back-end solution for your improvement strategies or an overflow solution for your in-house contact centre, our contact centre services ensure the best results – every time.

  • A broad range of on-site facilities are provided in our AAA grade offices for a safe, comfortable environment conducive to top performance and superior customer contact. This includes seating, security, parking, power back-up, staff training, separate areas, modern offices and a host of amenities.
  • State-of-the-art technology and skilled IT staff provide consistent, reliable solutions, tailored to your customer communication requirements. This gives you the customer contact solution you need without the technology investment or operational overheads.

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Benefits To You:
  • The capacity to see beyond financial indicators;
  • A holistic view of your business;
  • An objective assessment of your existing performance improvement programs and their value;
  • Identifying factors that could influence your program results.
Seamless logistics for a high-profile consumer promotion – Motor Industry

A well-known beverage company, with extensive experience in consumer sales promotions, needed efficient response handling and fulfilment for a high-profile campaign linked to an international sporting event.

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Contact Centre

Selective staffing. Flexible capacity. Range of customer contact centre services backed by latest technology, linked warehouse and fulfilment systems, detailed reporting.

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