Case Studies

eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey

Success through valuable fast feedback – Motor Industry

A major vehicle manufacturer depended heavily on detailed feedback from retailers as a performance barometer. Traditional manual surveys involved a laborious process and high costs – and feedback could only be processed months later; too late to rectify urgent problems.

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Driving compliance through the channel – Motor Industry

A leading motor vehicle manufacturer needed to improve dealership compliance with its strict code of standards. The solution was an online strategic survey tool that would promote awareness, measure results and monitor performance on an ongoing basis.

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Doing what it takes to deliver world-class service – Motor Industry

A leading motor vehicle manufacturer needed a simple, effective way to measure dealer satisfaction across its Southern African dealership network. Profits depended on delivering world-class service. Our eValue© Strategic Organisational Survey helped them deliver.

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Turning the downturn into an upturn – Motor Industry

Incentive and rebate programs are common features in the motor industry. During the economic downturn, it became essential to combine cost-effectiveness with an even stronger incentive to perform and meet targets. Our brief was to find affordable ways to improve the performance of several long-running dealer incentives.

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Contact Centre

Seamless logistics for a high-profile consumer promotion – Motor Industry

A well-known beverage company, with extensive experience in consumer sales promotions, needed efficient response handling and fulfilment for a high-profile campaign linked to an international sporting event.

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Recognition & Reward Program

New life for a long-term program – Private Healthcare

A major private healthcare group needed to revitalise its long-running recognition and reward program. A simplified structure and back-to-basics approach reconnected employees to company values and revived the spirit of recognition.

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Full-time values for temporary staff – Service Industry

A South African staffing solutions company that works with contract and temporary staff had an established, discerning client base. However, management wanted to strengthen its overall market position and increase staff loyalty.

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Making a big difference with a little recognition – Finance Industry

With ambitions of becoming an employer of choice, a high profile government agency needed to improve lackluster performance among 15 000 employees. It was no simple task. Surveys revealed largely disengaged staff, with strong perceptions that management didn’t care about them or their contributions. The solution was a recognition program that completely changed attitudes and improved performance in a big way.

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Sales Incentive Own Staff Program

Retaining top talent through tough times – Motor Industry

When motor vehicle sales went into a steep decline, many sales executives responded by job-hopping, increasing the costs associated with a high staff turnover and leaving the company with a shortage of experienced staff. Our client needed to maintain a competitive edge by attracting – and retaining – highperforming sales executives.

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Growing market share & driving profits – Motor Industry

An international heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer wanted to increase market share and achieve higher profit margins, while moving aged stock across three divisions.

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Channel Excellence Program

Delivering top-flight service through the channel – Service Industry

Quality and service count for everything in the airline industry. When this South African in-flight catering company needed to upgrade delivery standards, the goal was nothing short of excellence. A Channel Excellence Program provided the solution.

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Making a brand statement in the dark market – Retail Industry

When a splashy advertising campaign is not an option, how do you promote a dark market brand? The solution for this multi-national FMCG company was creating brand ambassadors at the grassroots level in their independent retail channel.

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Channel Incentive Program

A wake-up call for a lethargic market – Telecommunications Industry

One of South Africa’s leading internet and email service providers was aiming for an ambitious increase in average monthly sales.

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Making sales everybody’s business – Telecommunications Industry

When this leading South African integrated communications operator needed to counter growing competition, they rallied the sales might of 33 000 employees to help increase sales revenue, strengthen customer loyalty and reinforce market leadership.

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Shooting sales and market share upwards in an ultra-competitive industry – Telecommunications Industry

In a very competitive market, our brief was to drive market share growth across the client’s channels of distribution nationally – achieving fast, short-term sales increase and driving long-term brand loyalty.

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Diagnosing and treating the obstacles to high performance – Finance Industry

A prominent financial services provider in the motor industry found that its sales turnover was lower than desired and market share was not growing as it should, yet the obstacles to high performance were not clear.

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Improving distributor loyalty and growing market share – Retail Industry

A high-profile international consumer goods company wanted to build loyalty in its local distribution channel and capture a much larger share of the domestic appliance market.

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Sprinting seasonal sales to a new high – Beverage Industry

During the build-up to the festive season, a leading beverage producer needed an intense sales drive in its channel of distribution. The brief was to drive 7 brands through 2 100 participating outlets and increase purchases by 8%.

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Driving safety & profits on the long road – Transport Industry

A leading transport company was concerned about shrinking returns and escalating incident claims from truck drivers – which drastically reduced profitability on long-distance services.

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Turning national success to international greatness – Motor Industry

A global supplier of commercial vehicles and services had positioned itself as a superior manufacturer and marketer. Meeting the transport and motoring needs of African and other emerging markets, it was primed to take its sales and customer service to a truly competitive level.

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Proprietary Loyalty

Making rewards strategy happen for a blue-chip bank – Proprietary loyalty Finance Industry

The time was right for this South African banking giant to launch a customer rewards program. Strategy was set, but they needed an operational partner geared to deliver a complex, integrated rewards offering to a massive client base. Time to market was tight and technical expertise essential to making it happen.

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Creating a winning platform for healthy customer relationships – Proprietary loyalty Finance Industry

For insurance providers, a wellness-based loyalty program is a uniquely natural fit. Members get the physical and financial benefits of healthy living. Insurers get a wide open door to customer dialogue and data. It’s a win-win proposition that’s been working well for this major insurance client.

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