The successful evolution of a banking loyalty program.

First to extend loyalty program to SMEs. Relevance is fundamental to customer loyalty. We helped our banking client launch a rewards program that has steadily and successfully evolved from transactional to personalised and focused on nurturing relationships. Customers have enthusiastically embraced the diverse, relevant reward opportunities. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

7 Customer loyalty trends that are set to make 2021 an interesting one.

After a year of major disruption, here are 7 customer loyalty trends in retail that you can expect in 2021, including changes in loyalty programs. The retail industry has seen significant disruption in 2020, from having to close physical stores during the lockdown to an accelerated shift to digital and adapting to new health and […]

3 Things to know about the post-COVID-19 customer and the new loyalty program landscape

COVID-19 has shaped a new customer experience as well as changed the loyalty program landscape. No aspect of consumer life has been left unchanged in response to managing the pandemic. From reduced shopping hours to product choices, social distancing, mandatory masks and hand sanitising. These are all changes people are willing to make in the […]

Loyalty by design

RESOURCES / E-GUIDES Customers have a compelling reason to stay with your brand over and above all your competitors. Loyalty can be further defined in terms of three specific behaviours: 1. Repurchase – customers continue to buy your products / services 2. Share of wallet – customers buy more of your products / services over […]

How retail can build the customer experience of the future.

The customer experience of the future is all about digital. No one would argue that 2020 was a year of significant change and disruption. But some of the developments we’ve seen in the consumer space have been on the horizon for some time and the necessary changes to business as usual just accelerated implementation.  While […]