Retaining top talent through tough times.

Solving high staff turnover during tough times. When motor vehicle sales went into a steep decline, many sales executives responded by job-hopping, increasing the costs associated with a high staff turnover and leaving the company with a shortage of experienced staff. Our client needed to maintain a competitive edge by attracting – and retaining – […]

A first-time destination for experienced travellers exceeds high expectations.

Group incentive travel is no small investment and value outranks cost when choosing a partner. So, we were proud to win the tender for this client’s three annual group incentive travel rewards. We were given one budget for three trips at different incentive tiers. This is when industry experience, knowledge and close relationships deliver success. […]

Top performers rewarded with the ultimate immersive brand experience.

An “unforgettable trip that will be talked about for many years to come.” There’s a certain pride that comes with working for an iconic brand. Particularly in the motor industry, where loyalties run deep and brand connections are strong. This trip was planned to reward our client’s top performers with an immersive brand experience, illuminating […]

Interim goals keep participants focused on earning a top trip reward.

Achieving double digit uplifts in customer retention. One sure way to keep people focused on earning the top trip reward at the sales incentive finish line, is to give them an interim goal. Our client needed a regional trip scheduled mid-way through their sales incentive to renew the energy of top trip contenders and inspire […]

Cutting a better deal on a better rewards card.

Reward cards are much the same except for price. Right? This motor vehicle sales director thought so. Until we presented him with an awardscard® package that was an all-round better deal, on a better card, for the same price as the competition. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Serengeti, Tanzania – “It was the trip of a lifetime.”

Destination Serengeti, Tanzania. This magnificent Serengeti adventure was the primary annual incentive travel trip in a series of three that we ran that year for this motor industry client. An iconic safari destination, characterised by vast open savannah plains, an abundance of wildlife and historical value as the ‘cradle of humankind’, our group relished every […]

Mercedes rewards top performers with an immersive brand experience.

Destination Milan, Grand Prix extravaganza! Many of the top travel rewards we plan for our clients include brand experiences of some description. It might be attending a new product launch at a 5-star resort or touring a local manufacturing plant. Or, if the client happens to be a luxury motor brand with an F1 racing […]

Creating a winning platform for healthy customer relationships.

Achieving double digit uplifts in customer retention. For insurance providers, a wellness-based loyalty program is a uniquely natural fit. Members get the physical and financial benefits of healthy living and insurers get an open door to customer dialogue and data. It’s a win-win relationship that’s been working well for this major insurance client. Here’s how […]