About Us

Success depends on people. And understanding people – particularly, what motivates them – is at the heart of every human performance solution we design. We are “scientists of the human mind,” we know how to achieve what people and businesses never thought possible.
We are the Business Whisperers.

Combining the latest findings in Motivation Theory and exciting new Gamification mechanics, we provide solutions that are highly personalised and purpose-driven, to deliver real returns for our clients.

What’s more, using real-time data we track and map individual and program performance, providing powerful feedback mechanisms that drive business results.

Partners & Affiliates

International industry affiliations and partnerships support our commitment to best practice standards and quality delivery. The resources available to us through these relationships add depth to our expertise and value to our client solutions…

Industries we work in

As a leading provider of performance improvement strategies, Achievement Awards Group caters to a wide range of client industries. We help you maximise your business through customised solutions that meet your individual needs…

BEE Status

Since inception and before BEE legislation, Achievement Awards Group maintained a fully inclusive staffing policy. Over the past several years we have made steady progress in fulfiling the formal requirements for BEE certification…